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A Private Guided Tour in Crete

“The island is Crete in the midst of a wine-colored sea…” Homer wrote in The Odyssey.

The cradle of the oldest civilisation in Europe… Crete… with the labyrinth of Knossos, the Minotaur, the birthplace of Zeus, king of the gods. The Garden of Eden of Hesiod, an island full of myths and culture.

High mountain ridges soar into the sky where eagles and griffon vultures nest.

The 4 regions located on ancient soil expanded and grew, not only increasing the population but also preserving the continuity of the historical heritage.

Minoan, Hellenistic, Roman, early Judeo-Christian, Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman to present day Crete can be experienced here.

A visit to the island of Crete, with its own long history, also offers visitors the opportunity to see and understand the history of the peoples of the Levant and the Mediterranean.

Experiencing Crete, its wild flowers, the unique orchids in spring, the prayer and migratory birds, walking in the unspoilt landscape with its scents, tastes, cuisine, hospitality, people, language, crystal clear waters and starry nights are all you need for an unforgettable tour.


According to your specific wishes, your personal interests and your time schedule, we will together create a private tour for one or more days. Designing a truly unique tour together with you is also part of my services to you.

I will be your private guide during the whole tour.

I do not organise your transport, driver, payments or other practical matters. I work closely with a carefully selected group of authorised travel agents. Depending on how we design your tour, one of the agents will organise and take care of all your practical matters including transport, the needed entree tickets, the necessary insurances, billing and payment.


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