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Rethymno Tours

Food Tour in the old Town

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Preveli Tour in Rethymno

Exploring the western mountains of Crete

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Rethymno Old Town Tour

Explore the beautiful city

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Crete Travel Guide Tours

The cradle of the oldest civilization in Europe… Crete… with the labyrinth of Knossos, the Minotaur the birthplace of Zeus, The king of Gods. The Garden of Eden of Hesiod an island riddled with myths and culture.

High mountain ridges reach up to the heavens where the eagles and griffin vultures nest.

It’s 4 regions set on ancient grounds expanded and grew accumulating by this not only population growth but also the continuity of their historical heritage.

Minoan, Hellenistic, Roman, early Judeo-Christian, Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman until today’s Crete can be experienced.

A visit to the island of Crete with its own long long history, provides also an opportunity for visitors to see and understand the peoples history of the Levant, of the Mediterranean Sea.

Tours, visits can be arranged to experience Crete, it’s wild flowers, unique orchids in spring, birds of pray or migrating ones, walks out in untouched landscape with its scents, tastes, cuisine, hospitality, people, language, crystal waters, starry nights the components needed for a memorable stay and holiday.

Chania - Rethymno - Heraklio - Agios Nikolaos

Places to Visit in Crete



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Minoan Crete workshop

Doniert Evely

Minoan Crete [Workshop]

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Mediterranean Diet


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Chania city tour

September 20, 2017

Chania city tour

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Eleftherna archaeology tour

archaeology tour


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Spinalonga island Crete


the Island of Spinalonga

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