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Orthodox calendar in Crete


December is the time of the year that announces the official beginning of the olive harvest, though often it starts […]

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1 November Saint Anargyri, Cosmas and Damianos. On the 1 of November the  practice of people that have fallen ill […]

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07 October  St.John the Hermit This particular John, according to tradition, arrived in Crete from Cyprus, with another 98 monks. […]

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On September first in Crete we have again overlapping celebration dedicated to the New year of agriculture of the Virgin […]

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06 August The Transfiguration of Christ .. in Greek he is Afendis Christos (Christ the Lord). Churches on the mountain […]

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July is traditionally the month that the Greeks and Cretans of the countryside work hard, out in the fields. Now […]

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The month of June has an association with Easter, perhaps surprisingly to Western ideas. The Ascension of Christ, coming 40 […]

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The month that celebrates life – all life. In antiquity it was also the month that the souls that had […]

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Wherever one might go in the Eastern Mediterranean, a handsome Adonis awaits: for he rejoices in many names in this […]

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The first month of Spring. The month of the return of the swallows, victory of light over darkness. Before the […]

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ST.TRYFONAS Saint Tryfonas is portrayed as a young man: an embodiment of the promise of spring, so eagerly awaited by […]

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It might be a few decades now in Crete that we no longer see the farmer bringing home on the […]

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