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A few words about me by me…

Joanna Kalypso Glyptis licened tour guide

Citizenship: Greek and British / Greek of Alexandria


Ancient Greek and Roman History: Byzantine Greek: Modern Greek


Prehistoric (Minoan, Mycenaean): Classical: Byzantine

Studies of Comparative Religions

Greek: Arab: Venetian: Ottoman

History of Art

Ancient Greek Theatre: Modern Greek Literature: Greek Mythology

Social Anthropology

Psychology: Traditional Arts and Crafts: Music and Dance: Local Flora and Fauna: Local Geology

Cretan History and Culture. ( A letter from Aris Tsantiropoulos | Assistant Professor of Social Anthropology in University of Crete)


Year-Round Private Groups 1989Present


September: Private tour on Minoan Culture and Knossos to John Blair and his family when visiting the island of Crete.
July: Interpreter of the international-Energy-conference-of-Crete-schedule, 8-10 of July.
Dora Mpakoyanni previous Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece.
USA Ambassador Payet
Israel Ambassador
Minister of Energy and environment of Greece and Egypt.

January: A guest speaker presenting the Country of Greece and its history for MEJDI Tours. A virtual cultural-historical tour of Greece from Ancient times until Today and the evolution of Democracy.


February official interpreter of the Greek government and Prime-mister Mitsotakis in Crete.

Opinion writer for lesoleilfoundation.com

Member of Minoan steps


Associate advisor of Elli Lyraraki in the Paris Fashion Show


June: History of Technology Volume 33Google Books


Interpreter of the Seminar of Simone Caporeli held in Heraklion Crete.

Speaker, Host, and coordinator of the Fed Hatta conference held in Athens for ITTA.(Greek Tour agency Association,Minister of Tourism,General secretary of Tourism of Greece, Aegean  Airlines, Ambassador of Israel and Tourist Organization of Israel)


Becomes National trainer of FEG

Certified train the trainer


Working with 1618 travel com. Private tours and conferences


Working as an interpreter for conferences and meetings held in Greece.


Hellenic National Defense General Staff Public Relations Section Exercise Gordian Knot


NATO Missile Firing Installation, annual visit, Hania Crete, Wingate University USA: visiting groups, Department of Economics: the University of Rethymnon, Department of Greek Language: the University of Rethymnon, Department of Ottoman History: Greek Language: the University of Rethymnon, School of Guides of Greece Corfu.


Princeton University through the University of Rethymnon, Nick Rose writer, gastronomy, wine, and Mediterranean cuisine specialist


American School of Archaeology, Ministry of Finance -2nd International Conference of Gastronomy: host Gordon Ramsay.


Tui School & College of Guides of Greece from Athens, American School of Archaeology


Andreas G. Papandreou Foundation Symi Symposium 2005. Participants included: EU High Representative Javier Solana EU Council, General Secretariat, Olli Rehn European Commission Belgium, Yannis Alexander, Member Balkans Team, Tom Bentley, Director Demos UK.


US State Department, US Embassy Athens (VIP groups), USS Enterprise (Aircraft Carrier) / three-day tours of archaeological sites (1-3 times per year).


Associated Press Journalists 14th April, Hellenic Air Force, Ministry of Defense hosting NAMFI Missile Firing Installation, University of Freiburg Institute for Classical Archaeology University of Freiburg, Germany, Professor Clemens Schmiden, 14th – 16th July


NATO Missile Firing Installation, annual visit, June/July. NATO-EU-NAMFI Air Defence Seminar 6th -10th October 2003 Hania.


University of Crete / Education of People of Greek Origin (W.I.I.S). EU Leonardo Program The Centre for Professional Development, Rethymnon on the EU Leonardo Program “Introduction to the Civilization of Crete” covering the months of November and December.


Hellenic Cement Industry Association Conference 13-16 June. Conference of EU Defence Ministers:EU Foreign and Security Policy Representative, Javier Solana and NATO Secretary General George Robertson. Rethymnon and Crete Representative at the Ferie Tourism Exhibition Copenhagen. Organizing programs for ornithologists and botanists, arranging transportation, places to visit as well as accompanying guests on excursions.


OTE International Conference Professor Kallitsas, Professor of Management and Communications, Representative of Greek Telecommunications at the OTE International Conference EU Eurotex held in Rethymnon. Interpreter for the Prefecture of Hania the EU and the Institute of Agricultural Mediterranean Research.


Professor Campbell’s bi-annual Archaeological tour of Greece and Crete


Presentation and Introduction for Professor Jacob Dempsey of BrownUniversity NY re: his most recent book on Minoa.


International Conference on Telecommunications Guide and Public Relations for Greek Telecommunications for the International Conference on Telecommunications. Guest of Honour Mr Balachrista.


US Legal Groups which included the firm Fulbright and Jaworski,International Lawyers, Houston

2009 – Present

Working with Russian guests a new market. El Greco Company


Summer Seasons regularly employed by: Airtours, My Travel, (UK & Scandinavia), First Choice UK, Trend UK, Preferred Travel Services UK, Saga UK,


Summer Season Thomson (TUI)


Thomson UK Back to back, weekly tours for guests with special interests. This entailed guiding archaeological sites, planning tours, organizing routes, timetables, transfers, and responsibility for the health and safety of the guests.


Summer Season Thomson UK

  • National trainer of the world federation of guides
  • Representative of Professional Guides Association
  • Member of Prefecture Committee for the Promotion of Rethymnon throughout the EU and the growing US market.


  • Advertising and promotion (festivals, dance, drama, exhibitions)
  • Awareness programs for local residents, (press conferences sponsors, etc).


Places visited so far… 2011:Africa, 2010: Turkey, 2009: Portugal, Morocco, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, 2001: Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, 2000: Denmark, 1998: Caribbean, 1997: USA, 1996: Russia, 1994: China, 1993: Germany, Austria, 1983: Italy.

Participating in:

Dolphin Training programs.

Setting up “AIDS Awareness Young Citizens Org.”, together with UN in Africa and Bi-cultural children’s program in Hania Crete and Botswana, Africa: Setting up Workshops in Crete and Publishing their work and Art.


Tai Chi, Reading, Music (Ethnic, Classical), Dance (Tango), Riding.

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