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Alexander the Great?

Has Alexander the Great always been just under our noses all this time?

On the deathbed of the so-called Philip (in Vergina) we see a Dionysus and a satyr. When Alexander arrives at Tyre, he meets such resistance that he thinks he must abandon it. At night, he sees a satyr in his sleep and, as a student of Aristotle, he understands sar- tyros that “Tyre is yours”. He stays and takes Tyre. When Alexander became the conqueror of conquerors he sent the Greeks a command: To make him a god. The Spartans said if he wanted to be a god, let him be. The Athenians did not!

Demades, a friend of Alexander’s, told them to make him the 13th Olympian. The Athenians got angry and fined Demadis. And he told them: “Whoever holds the sky loses the earth.” The Athenians were afraid that Alexander would send a chariot, so they made him Dionysus. And the famous Diogenes said: “If you have declared him Dionysus, declare me Serapis -a Dionysus and Serapis are on the deathbed (in the royal tomb at Vergina) we understand that it could only be Alexander’s and not Philip’s”.

In the “Chronicle of Vergina” Andronicus says: “when I saw Alexander the Great on the frieze, crowned, I said ‘Alexander the Great’, but being sure that Alexander the Great is buried in Alexandria, I excluded him and so I was left with only Philip II… “And so we have the whole of Vergina as a monument to Philip II, because everyone is convinced that Alexander is in Alexandria. All the references about Alexander’s burial in Alexandria are three centuries later. Inside the tomb of the so-called Philip is the effigy of Alexander.

Also traces of a mineral were found. Nobody knew what it was until it was sent it to Democritus university and the person in charge said that the mineral is Egyptian and was used it in Ancient Egypt in burial traditions of mummification !

When Alexander dies in Babylon, they take him to Damascus. If was going to be buried in Alexandria, that is not the way, Babylon to Damascus, but an other route !

In Damascus, a representative of Perdiccas, regent of Macedon, has gone to take Alexanders body.

There Ptolemy of Egypti arrives and steals the body and takes it to Memphis, expecting to make the mausoleum in Alexandria.

In Memphis there are two Macedonian guards. The mausoleum in Alexandria is built after 20 years.

The Hellenistic era is full of killings and murder. It is a bloody era of Greek history. The Macedonian guards carry Alexander, whom they have buried in a Greek manner, (Pyra ) that is, they have burned him without burning the bones and have put him in a aryvalos – a vessel -like the ones they found in Vergina. So he arrives again in Damascus and from there Eurydice and her husband Philip III carry him to Macedonia.

Queen Eurydice is the one who commands and is the first enemy of Olympiada.If Alexander, son of Olympiad arrives in Macedonia, Olympiada will be the first of the first, so Eurydice loses all fame and glory. So, she either keeps the skeleton a secret and buries it discreetly. We have a 1st-century epigram from the Macedonian poet Adeus, who writes “If you want to praise Alexander’s tomb, search for it on two continents”

It is a matter of time before the rest of the DNA analysis on the bones found in Vergina are further tested…the discussion has started to rethink re visit Vergina shall we go together?

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