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Arriving to Crete one’s heart beats to a new rhythm, one’s ears hear tonalities of a new tongue and with curiosity this new land is examined.

Everything will seem changed including the air one breaths here… A wild garden with everything running violent, vertical and sky thrusting. For this land is somewhat wilder, unbroken a mistress and goddess without mercy all in one.

The light, the light here differs!

Phos, Light in the Greek language the Phosphorescent dancing flair the quality of sun a blazing light on a white wall. A brilliant light bathing even simple objects in a sort of celestial glow. Everything is electrified by light. Intoxicated by the white dancing candescence  of the Sun with the Blue sky pouring into it. It might seem that this dry dramatic full of mountains and rocks land is austere, but it lies in a light such as the eye has never yet beheld, it rejoices as though now first awakening to the gift of sight. Indescribably keen yet soft, bringing out the smallest details with such clarity. A gentle clarity making the heart beat higher enfolding the view in a veil of transfiguration, for this is the spirit of the Light. Through this light with simplicity is what Crete has surrendered to.

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