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The Neolithic, god of Vegetation of the Aegean is Cretan that later on becomes Zeus, Zan

In Crete the guardians of little Dionysus are Apollo him self and the Cretan young men Kourites(we have the word Kouros for statues of men in archeology ) He is also left with wild animals and wild goats .
Just like Zeus, in later on Greek myths he is born in a cave like many gods .
Born at night and like all the Gods of the moon these gods are very great hunters.
He is not brought up by his mother but instead he is left out in nature, this tradition was still held in Dorian crete as part of the tribal ritual.
Also done in Sparta with the new born.
The child at some point leaves child hood and enters man hood by being left out in the wilderness having to confront daemons and is taught the rituals and hunting skills.
This gives also a hint about his transformations from child to young man!
We then also have the snake, the dragon a symbol of the night, of the moon and rebirth like moon as it can shed its skin and rise again into life after a long winter death. The serpent is an ecumenical symbol of the moon.
The bull, the cow that have horns like the moon when it is set up in the stars symbolizing the metabolisms of this star.

The goats are a symbol of great endurance on harsh rocky dry areas,
They are free untamed often wild strong and manage to survive where deer, sheep can not.
In the myth we see the projections of the tribals past the young god is playing with a mirror before he is attacked by masked titans,
The symbolical death and his return to life as a man no longer a child.
The young Kourites of Crete that would have been witnesses to this in the myth and tradition either with Zeus or Dionysus are now the ones to hand down all of this cultural DNA.
Through athletic events that have a deep religious, political, tribal, meaning we are seeing the birth of the later great games in Olympia .
Dionysus will eventually meet and marry Ariadne,
Her name was in fact at first Ariagne,the purest of all it means in Greek.
She has made her way from the labyrinth the underworld to meet this god that again chooses to marry her. In the case of Christ and Magdalene it did not work out!
Dionysus will never live with the rest of the gods up n Olympus or will he wish to marry a god he will want to live amongst mortals riding mules,asses or donkeys, but never a horse.
He will never kill, become envious.
He will teach the tools to man kind,
The making of wine –his blood sacred blood-
He will travel round the world delivering his teachings .

Zeus appoints Dionysus as his hair giving him the lightening and thunderbolt. Hera does not agree with this plan.

Dionysus has some toys that he plays with one of the many toys that he has are the mirror, masks, dolls etc.
The Titans wearing clay masks attack little Dionysus following Heras orders.
He in order to avoid the Titans changes form into a small child, to a young man, panther, wild goat, tiger, dragon serpent and finally into a bull.
In a form of a bull he is caught and cut up into little pieces cooked and eaten by the Titans.His elder sister Athena will save his soul –psyche in Greek – and put it in a little box and take it up to their father Zeus.
Zeus sends the Titans to Tartara the underworld after burning them with his lightening and from their ashes makes the human race of today.
In this way we all humans have within us the earthly wild titan aspect but also a taste of the Dionysian spirit as He was eaten by them – a form of communion-
His soul was put into a new body made by Zeus out of clay and then his father blew life and resurrected the young God again.

Dionysus is the “spirit of this world “ the “esoteric mind of this world “.
An archetype idol of endless life.He is our guide for us to understand the higher intelligence ,our ability that allows us to create ,our understanding that only through all the stages of the Dionysian beliefs once we endure them and find our way and place in this Cosmos we can gain cosmic wisdom.

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