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by Mary Renault

The King Must Die: A Novel

by Mary Renault In this ambitious, ingenious narrative, celebrated historical novelist Mary Renault take legendary hero Theseus and spins his […]

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The Last of the Wine

by Mary Renault In The Last of the Wine, two young Athenians, Alexias and Lysis, compete in the palaestra, journey to […]

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The Persian Boy

by Mary Renault “It takes skill to depict, as Miss Renault has done, this half-man, half Courtesan who is so […]

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The Bull from the Sea

by Mary Renault A brilliant reconstruction of the legend of Theseus, the valiant youth who slew the Minotaur, became king, […]

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The Mask of Apollo

by Mary Renault ‘Mary Renault is a shining light to both historical novelists and their readers. She does not pretend […]

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The Lion in the Gateway

by Mary Renault Subtitled, The Heroic Battles of the Greeks and Persians at Marathon, Salamis, and Thermopylae, this is a […]

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The Praise Singer

by Mary Renault In the story of the great lyric poet Simonides, Mary Renault brings alive a time in Greece […]

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The Nature of Alexander

by Mary Renault The acclaimed biography of Alexander the Great by Mary Renault, the author of Fire from Heaven and The Persian Boy, two […]

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