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To the South of Knossos the ancient wineries of king Minos, mentioned in the papyrus of Egypt wineries can be seen still today!

Today we taste and experience the wines of Crete!

We visit and have the chance to eat and taste food at one of the most popular tavernas of the island not involved in tourism all the meat,cheese, vegetables and fruit produced by the family them selves! A taste of Crete…

The ancient settlement of Archanes and from here we ascend up to anemospilea. Crete was the birth place of Zeus but also the place where this ancient God came to die leaving the outline of his form in a mountain.

We walk on the face of Zeus enjoying the view, the same view enjoyed by the ancient that walked up this sacred mountain.

Here we find our selves at a higher level from where the birds of pray nest that we see flying either beside or beneath us.

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