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The Grand celebrations of the Anthestiria, in Ancient Greece reached its climax for 3 days, after a long period of fasting towards the end of winter.
These celebrations took place in early Spring.

The first day of these celebrations dedicated to the Ancient God Dionysus were the “Pythagia”, they opened pithy (clay pots) to taste the new wine and crown the children with flowers that had been born the previous year.

The second day was the “Hoes,” with “Ascolia” and “banquets”.These celebrations involved lots of food, fun but above all lots of teasing!
On this day, the sacred marriage between god Dionysus and his sacred priestess was celebrated!

Such as the marriage of Dionysus and Ariadne princess of Crete!

For she of Divine origin and blood line could only marry a God.

Dionysus would arrive to his sanctuary to meet his holy wife on a boat with wheels with his satyrs and male goats dancing and singing around him.

His wife, along with the rest of the priests, priestesses and women of the city, away from the men, were purified using incense, water and sacred light, while wearing deer or panther hides, these ceremonies ensured the well-being of the city and all its citizens.

The third day of Anthestiria was the “Chitroi” on this day the offerings were out of flowers and cooked vegetables with grains.

Here we see man’s agony about the future of the crop, and the seed of life.

Through Psychopomus Hermes it is here one sees the official recall of the Dead, with the “water” libations enabling the return of all the souls to Hades.

The faithful and initiated thus celebrated the miracle of life!

-Understanding that life itself also involves death. The initiation perceiving the gift of life, having first realized and accepted the irreversible inescapable all consuming death that awaits all.

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