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Dionysus is the spirit of this world

Dionysus is the spirit of this world the esoteric mind and liberator of this world.

Elefthir is one of his names. An archetype idol of endless life. He is our guide for us to understand the higher intelligence, our ability that allows us to create, our understanding that only through all the stages of the Dionysian beliefs once we endure them and find our way and place in this Cosmos we can gain cosmic wisdom.

The initiations that took place helped to make sure that the follower understands the Great Spirit of this cosmos and that he is part of this as well. Dionysus is born by a mortal earthly mother and rises and gains life again by his father that is a God. In the modern world today we tend to overlook the relationship that Dionysus and Apollo have, their periodical movement of the stars and planets.

The temple of Delphi and city was established by a Cretan from Western Crete Aptera, in the myth we are told that Apollo will leave Crete using dolphins one of the animals of Dionysus and the word for dolphin in Greek is delphini there for we have the temple Delphi. The temple is set on the dead serpent dragon symbols of the great Goddess as well as Dionysus as they are both symbols of the moon and vegetation. Dionysus is the one that can return from the cold depths of the underworld and survive the long winters of death.

Liberating the light and life. (It is a shame that we today refer to Dionysus as a drunk!)

Dionysus is Cretan based on the latest digs at Pilos we find the name Dionysus Zagreos on linear B tablets. Zagreos means Great hunter. Is not our whole life and existence a “Thiasos”?

Even today as we see a good play with actors (in greek ethopios-he who makes Ethos) we find our selves involved in the play emotionally struck, this is what we call the spirit of Dionysus we know that we are seeing a plot but we hurt and laugh just the same. All this is part of the truth of life, as life is diverse and wild with many representations just like Dionysus him self.

Our path towards cosmic wisdom is through the liberators of the moon and the sun. Either in Crete Pylos Naxos Delphi Despotico or in our hearts.

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